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accountable verifiable collections

transparency, accountability and verifiability

Matatu SACCO Revenue Collection

Trasport Sector in Kenya accounts for more than 10% of GDP. Over the years the Sector has relied on manual recording and receipting of collections. This has lead to lack of transparency, unaccountability and unverifiable records.
Field Capture 360 [FCapture360] revenue collection system briedges that gap by giving the sector a tool that makes cash collection, record keeping and reconcilliation easy and transparent. FCapture360 offers the following feature :-

  • Vehicle Verification
  • Cash Receipting
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Receipt Printing
  • Banking Recording
  • Expenses Recording
  • Income Recording
  • eReceipt via SMS

the system gives field agents ability to track:-

  • Total Cash Receipt
  • Total Cash Withdrawals
  • Total Bankings
  • Posting History.

FCapture provides reports, office manager tracking of all field agent operations. FCapture provides reports on.

  • Cash Collections by Field officer.
  • Total Collection Reports by Date
  • Banking Reports
  • Withdraw Reports.