Membership Management

Captures all member information with Customer Documents upload, Passports, Signatures, Customer Appraisal...

Savings & Deposits

Manage Member savings and deposits with ease : receive payments, withdrawals, transfers, statements...

Loans and Credit

manage loans processes with ease: applications, appraisal, approval, disbursements, payments, tracking...

Share Capital

manage multiple share capital products e.g. FOSA Shares, BOSA Shares, Ordinary Shares with ease...

Accounting & Finance

manage financial records with realtime reports : incomes, expesnes, bank transfers, financial statements...

HRM & Payroll

manage employee information and payroll: employee data, payroll, leave, clains, T&A, payslips, employee portal...


Keep track of all assets : asset coding, categorization, purchases, depreciation, appreciation, reports...


Keep track of the SACCO investments : real estate, stocks, units : sale of land and balloting, reports...


Keep track of company inventory both for internal and sales; set pricing, sales records, reports...


keep business communication going : bulk sms, bulk emails, loan alerts, balance querries, marketting and promotional messages...

Field Capture

we have taken customer service and marketting to the next level without field capture app, proces automation and integration...

Member's Portal

internet access to SACCO services has been made easier; statements, loan applications, guarantorships, investments...

Agency Banking

Extend banking and Sacco services to you customers through our Agency Services App: registration, withdrawals, deposits...

ATM & Banking

Extend access to customer funds via ATM Services; using banking channels and ATMs of your preferred banking partner...

Reports & BI

sacconett presents your institution data through graphics to enable you makes sense of the data via robust reports & BI...

Mobile Money

customers can deposit and withdraw money directly into Mobile Money services like M-PESA, Airtel money, Equitel: Sacconett is fully intergrated with M-PESA : C2B, B2C & B2B Paymennts

Cheque Management

receive cheque payments from customers and process customer payments via cheques with ease, get written, cancelled and blank check reports. cheque truncation, checkbook management...

Biz-Chain Funding

provide your customers an all round funding for their processes through business chain funding: interconnect members to vendors and vice versa. our system supports your business chain...

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Sacconett Field Capture

Saconett Field capture allows field officers and recruitment agents to recruit, post payments, access customer states in real time from the field.

Members Recruitment

Register new members from the field by capturing all member information : bio data, contacts, passport photos,documents, kin information...

Member Accounts,Savings, Withdrawals & Loans

Open customer accounts, receive customer payments, withdraw member money, apply for loans, receive member payments..

Account Statement,NFC Card Management, Insurance Premiums

Field agents have access to customer statements, reading of NFC cards, receiving payments from members... Read More

Sacconett Versions


  • Membership Administration
  • System Administration
  • System Configuration
  • Savings & Deposits
  • Loans & Credit
  • Financials
  • Reports & BI
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  • All Standard Version Features
  • M-PESA Integration[C2B.B2C,B2B]
  • Members Portal & App
  • Field Capture App
  • Inventory
  • Investments
  • HRM & Payroll
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